A Call to Worship | Aerial Silks Performance

Performed by Kristi McCauley
Featured in Number Our Days: Liturgical Seasons Calendar 2023-2024

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The Artist’s Description:

This aerial silks performance expresses in motion the words of the accompanying music entitled “Weeping Mary/Here with Me”. The aerialist begins on the ground in a position of lament, holding fast to the fabric descending from above, as if clinging to God’s faithfulness in her weeping. Lifting her head upwards, she climbs and reaches up to heaven, opening her heart even while grieving.

Reaching the top of the silks, the aerialist inverts and pauses as the lyrics shift from Mary to Peter. Like Peter sinking into the water, a quick drop sends her down, but she is caught quickly from descending by the faithfulness in which she is wrapped. The following pose is a strong, extended open heart.

The lyrics shift to another believer: Thomas. Doubting, the aerialist walks away from the silks, arms folded, questioning. Choosing to come back in faith, she climbs, this time upside down, as if aware of her imperfection yet desiring to be held once again by the faithfulness of God. Wrapping up in the faithfulness, the aerialist joyfully falls back and finds herself held in Christ’s greatest expression of His love: the cross.

Embracing the truth of Christ’s love, the music and the aerialist switch from a call to worship to an expression of worship. She begins to release burdens, moving in love and joy. Movements become freer, larger, more fluid, and flight-like. An expectant climb takes her back to the top of the silks. As hope rises, the aerialist begins to spin with abandon, a symbol used to represent full-hearted worship. She settles into a cradled position, perfectly held, resting with hands lifted and heart open. The piece continues and concludes with the aerialist widening her expression of worship as she dives, turns and spins, finding connection to God’s faithfulness in every direction she travels.

Music: Weeping Mary/Here With Me, Loud Harp, and 100% clearance through Musicbed.